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Hello Alma Center-Humbird-Merrillan School District!

My name is Drew Semingson and I am excited to be able to introduce myself as your new Superintendent.  I am so thankful to have been presented with the opportunity to lead your school district and have appreciated so much the warm welcome I have received from the community members and staff who I’ve been able to meet in my short time in this role.  Since becoming an educator it has been my preference to work for school districts that have the endearing small-town qualities that match my own experiences as a student, parent, and community member.  Where some may see limitations to what can be offered in a rural district, I only see the opportunities.  I believe that small schools create students who are strong leaders and better able to collaborate with their peers.  Just like in the communities that we serve, school’s such as ours need students who are willing to step up to the challenge of devoting their time and energies to participate in a variety of activities.  Whether it is sports, performance arts, or student-led organizations, the opportunities to be involved, to lead, or to work together as a member of a team are more plentiful and necessary in small rural schools.  As a parent, I would always choose the personalized touch of a small school, where teachers and support staff know all of the students and refer to them as “our kids”.  As a community member, I can think of no better place to live or raise a family than in a small town where the school and community are seen as one in the same.  Where the town closes down and “turns off the lights” to support a sports team competing at state.  Where the school district listens to the needs of the community and is able to help promote growth and prosperity.  For me, there is no greater calling than to help promote the growth and prosperity of this community, and I look forward to finding opportunities for collaboration between our schools and communities.  Please know that my door, email, and phone number are always open to community members who seek to foster and grow new and existing relationships.

It's A Great Day to Be A Hornet!

Drew Semingson
[email protected]
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